Domestic Short Hair

Orange Tabby

Date of Birth: 12/04/13

Cheez-It is a special cat to AAP employees.  This guy has special needs --- he's got allergies, like so many of us in South Texas!  Cheez-It has grown up at the shelter, and has always been overlooked because of his runny eyes and sneezing.  He'll get over the hump, and his eyes will clear, and then something else blows in through our South Texas town, and he's back to being like 80% of the humans around here...sniffling, sneezing, and with itchy, watery eyes.  He gets a special vitamin gel supplement twice a day, and it does help him out quite a bit.  

Due to medication applications in the past that were none too pleasant, Cheez-It tends to run and hide to newcomers to the room, afraid he's going to have another pill poked, or shot given.  Spend more than 5 minutes inside, quietly, and he comes out to play.  This sweet boy still loves to chase after jingle balls, play with younger kittens, or run to be the first in line for canned cat food or cat treats.  He doesn't mind being picked up and held, and he loves to snuggle with humans he knows.  So, as you can tell, he needs someone willing to be ok with his allergies and winky eyes, and that wouldn't mind taking a few minutes to get to know him.  Please consider giving this special needs guy a forever home!  3 1/2 years at Adopt-A-Pet is too long!