Ways to Help

Make A Cash Donation

Send check to 8215 Houston Highway, Victoria TX, 77901. All donations are tax deductible.

Become a Volunteer

Adopt-A-Pet is always in need of new adult volunteers.  We need individuals who are patient, willing to work hard and learn proper procedures, and who will work in the best interests of the animals.  As a volunteer, you can participate in a variety of activities.  Here are just a few:

bathing, grooming, exercising and socializing the animals
cleaning and maintaining the shelter
running errands: taking recycling items to the recycle center, etc.
educating the public by speaking at schools, taking pets to community events, and more!
fundraising such as garage sales, Bark in the Park, fashion shows, etc!

Invite Adopt-A-Pet to Speak at Your School/Club/Organization

Invite Adopt-A-Pet to Speak at Your School/Club/Organization - we can talk about responsible pet ownership, safety around pets, or our role in the community!

Donate Items to Our Shelter - Our "Wishlist"

We will gladly accept the following items:

*Bounty Paper Towels

*Fabric Softener

*Cat Litter (Tidy Cat non-scoopable, please!)

*Canned Dog/Cat Food

*Pet Treats

*Stretch & Scratch for our cats: http://www.stretchandscratch.com/order.html

*Pet Beds

*Newspapers (no glossy ads please!)



*High Efficiency (HE) liquid laundry detergent

*Empty Spray Bottles

*Air Fresheners


*Liquid dishwasher detergent

*Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags (13 gallon)

*Hefty Easy Flaps Trash Bags (30 gallon)


*Antibacterial Handsoap

*Masking Tape

*Permanent Markers

*Chew Toys/Cat Toys